Blue Marble Biomaterials
James Stephens, President, Chief Science Officer, CEO
5840 Expressway
Missoula, Montana 59808

Phone: 406 549 2100

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Research - Development - Innovation - Analytics - Problem Solvers
Headquartered in the beautiful Missoula, Montana, Blue Marble is revolutionizing ingredient manufacturing. Our patented processes utilize plant material and managed ecosystems of bacteria to produce complex chemical compounds, in addition to creating renewable pathways to existing compounds, creating value in byproducts, and creating new all natural, fully sustainable, Kosher and non-GMO compounds.
As pioneers in fermentation, we are constantly testing new feedstocks and pathways. We provide analytics services, custom R&D, and are always cooking up new ideas! Stop by and let's talk about how we can work together!

We are listed under the following Categories/Subcategories:
Ingredients/Product Formulation
  • Additive/Ingredient/Nutrient Analysis
  • Flavor Development
  • Organic Production
  • Product Development
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Shelf Life Testing
  • Analytical Testing/Lab Services
  • Process Development