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Innovations: Prime-Lyfe 175A: unique combination of peptides and amino acids, clean flavor delivery, powerful taste enhancement. High-Lyfe™ 605A: complex meaty taste, mouthfeel and continuity in taste. Key benefits: longer flavor delivery, salt reduction, creamy mouthfeel, masking off-tastes, emulsifying properties, texturizing properties, water binding, improving crispiness, and fat reduction in meat, poultry, seasonings, snacks, cheese, or vegetarian applications. Non-GMO Project Verified products. Organic Bio-Engevita® inactive yeast and Bio-LyfeTM yeast extract – USA equivalency, vegan. Lake States® Torula, Engevita® nutritional yeast, Lyfe yeast extracts and autolysates. Lalmin® mineral yeast complements health supplementation.

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