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Let us help you Put a Better Label on the Table with Briess natural, specialty ingredients from Briess. Minimally processed to maintain the natural character of the raw grain or starch while developing flavor, color, texture and function for baked goods, bars, snacks, petfood and more. Briess ingredients also deliver benefits and claims to “Put a Better Label on the Table”.

Discuss your project with our experienced technical staff. Organic, gluten free, whole grain and RTE options. Made in the USA. Briess --The sprouting experts since 1876.

· InnoSweet™ Whole Grain Natural Sweeteners
· Gluten Free Syrup
· Malt Extracts & Malted Milk Powder
· BriesSpecialty™ Malt Flour
· Specialty Sprouted Grains
· Insta Grains® Pregelatinized Grains

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