Muntons Malted Ingredients Inc
Tim Greiner
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Muntons Ingredients manufacture a comprehensive range of grain malts and further process these into a range of malted ingredients for food producers, bakers and confectioners to add flavor, color and texture to their products.
Applications include: Bagel, Bread, Bread sticks, Buns, Cake, Cake mixes, Cookies, Crepes, Crisp bread, Croissant, Muffins, Pancakes, Pizza base, Pretzels, Rolls, Savory crackers, Scones, Sweet biscuits, Sweet crackers, Sweet pastries, Waffles, Cereal bars, corn snacks, potato snacks, Popcorn, Potato Crisps, Rice & Corn cakes, Tortilla chips, Baby Food, Doughnut, Noodles, Pasta, Ice cream
Ingredients: Barley & Malt Extracts, Malted Flakes & Kibble (cut grain), Malt Extracts, Malt Flours, Torrified Cereals, Spraymalt.

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Ingredients/Product Formulation
  • Additive/Ingredient/Nutrient Analysis
  • Custom Blending
  • Grain Milling
  • Organic Production
  • Product Development
  • Analytical Testing/Lab Services
  • Halal Certification
  • Halal Services