Wacker Chemical Corp.
Dr. Helmut Reuscher
Wacker Biosolutions
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WACKER offers tailored and innovative solutions for functional foods and nutraceuticals. Our soluble dietary fiber CAVAMAX® W6 is naturally occurring carbohydrate derived from starch. It stabilizes oil-in-water emulsions, enables oil-based icing applications or emulsifier-free dressings and sauces and it allows whipping without fat. We also offer molecular encapsulation solutions for odor or taste masking, to stabilize sensitive ingredients or to increase the bioavailability of certain ingredients like curcumin.

WACKER produces the only fermentation-grade cysteine globally, which is manufactured from plant-based raw materials and therefore vegan. In 2014, WACKER launched its highly pure, nature-identical hydroxytyrosol named HTEssence®.

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