Clextral Incorporated
John Barber, Sales Manager, Eastern US and Canada
14450 Carlson Circle
Tampa, Florida 33626

Phone: 813 854 4434
Fax: 813 855 2269

Clextral helps food developers utilize twin screw extrusion to expand the boundaries of food manufacturing. At our test centers in Tampa Florida, France and Australia, we use advanced extrusion techniques to formulate and manufacture products for consumer evaluation. You can process functional ingredients, food concentrates, encapsulated flavors, textured proteins, vegetarian meat replacements, snacks, snack inclusions, breakfast cereals, pasta, couscous, pet foods or find sustainable solutions with biomass pretreatment. Our recently patented extrusion porosification technology "EPT" opens up a new range of ingredient processing options. Schedule a test to develop new products or improve your extrusion process and maximize your production.

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