Sun Harvest Salt, LLC
Ramona Cappello, CEO
100 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 1200
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone: 323 487 2587
Fax: 323 488 9115

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Sun Harvest Salt, LLC is the exclusive distributor for all natural, full and less sodium sea salts from the world’s largest sea salt harvester. Our patented, 2+ year sea salt harvesting process delivers a single-crystal sea salt that delivers the full flavor of pure sea salt, but with significant reductions in sodium and a clean label. We source our sea salts from the Pacific Ocean in a Unesco World Heritage Site in Baja California, so our natural process is kind to the environment. We also offer potassium salts and potassium salt blends made in the USA. Please contact us for any of your sea salt or potassium salt needs at (323) 487-2587 or

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