Herbstreith & Fox Inc.
Frank Mattes, President
570 Taxter Road
Elmsford, NY 10523

Phone: 914 345 9501
Fax: 914 345 0919
www.herbstreith-fox.com; www.herbafood.com

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The company group Herbstreith & Fox is a producer of high-quality pectin for the food and non-food industries. The product range is supplemented by the subsidiary Herbafood Ingredients GmbH. Herbafood produces functional dietary fibers, with a focus on citrus or apple fibers. These fit perfectly into „clean & simple“ concepts for vegan emulsions as well as for stabilisation, texturisation and increasing the viscosity in food applications. The medium to dark brown colored apple extract Herbarom adds taste accents by rounding of flavor profiles with applications in beverages, baked goods, sauces and meat products. For more information please also visit: www.herbafood.com or www.herbstreith-fox.com.

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