Topac Inc
Antoni Drybanski, VP Marketing
231 CJC Highway
Suite 102
Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025

Phone: 781 740 8778
Fax: 781 740 8779

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Topac provides instrumentation and calibration services for modified atmosphere packaging including head-space analyzers for oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Our range of laboratory equipment includes sample preparation for microbiological testing including bag mixers, filter bags, spiral platers and colony counters.

Our range of safety equipment includes toxic and flammable gas sensors and alarms for refrigerants and other common hazards such as O2 depletion.
General instrumentation includes data loggers, temperature recorders and electochemistry meters and probes.

We are listed under the following Categories/Subcategories:
  • Instrumentation
  • Lab Equipment Installation and Repair
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Moisture Analyzers
  • Physical Properties Analysis
  • Equipment
  • Package Testing