Excel-A-Tec, Inc.
Hervé X. Bronnert, President
3695-N N. 126th St.
Brookfield, WI 53005

Phone: 262 252 3600
Fax: 262 252 3664

Excel-A-Tec, Inc. (EAT) has custom food processing solutions integrating innovation, years of experience, field-tested technology, and patents. We engineer and manufacture lab to production systems (processing, formulation, filling, and CIP), heat exchangers (single/multiple tube-in-tube and coil), tanks, fittings, valves, and instrumentation.

EAT engineers unitized tubular systems to process low/high acid and light/viscous products with or without pulp/particulates. We design these systems for aseptic, Ultra-High Temperature (UHT), ultra-pasteurization, hot fill, pasteurization, and Extended Shelf-Life (ESL) applications. EAT's patent to save product and EAT's low-acid technology to resist burn-on/deposit and contamination are exclusive.

We are listed under the following Categories/Subcategories:
  • Aseptic Technology
  • Engineering/Design Services
  • Equipment
  • High Pressure Process Application Services
  • Pilot Process Services
  • Process Development