Joseph Adams Corporation
Kathy Wotowiec, Office Manager
5740 Grafton Road
Valley City, OH 44280

Phone: 330 225 9135
Fax: 330 225 9105

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Joseph Adams Corporation has been in business since 1948 when we performed our first spice
extraction in Cleveland, Ohio. We later moved to rural Valley City, Ohio in 1967.

The plant and its grounds cover over 4 acres.
Joseph Adams Corporation manufactures a variety of spice and herb extractives (oleoresins) for the purpose of flavoring and coloring food and beverages.
We manufacture several special spice oleoresin mixes such as Barbecue, Cajun, Nacho, Pizza, Ketchup, Chili, Dill Flavor/Color Mix for Pickles, and Sweet Flavor/Color Mix for Pickles.

A few of our more popular items are Oleoresins of Capsicum, Paprika, Jalapeno, Celery, Basil, and

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Ingredients/Product Formulation
  • Flavor Development