Heraeus Noblelight America LLC
Gina Gonzalez, Marketing
910 Clopper Rd.
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Phone: 301 527 2660
Fax: 301 527 2661

Heraeus Noblelight is a manufacturer of specialty light sources in the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wavelength ranges. We provide solutions for IR process heating and UV disinfection and photo-processing.  UV and IR light are non-ionizing forms of radiation and leave behind no residuals. UV disinfection is a safe and efficient dry process to reduce microbiological contamination of surfaces, air, and water without the use of chemicals. Our UV equipment is used to increase product safety and shelf-life by disinfection of packaging materials, machine surfaces, air, water, and food surfaces.  

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We are listed under the following Categories/Subcategories:
  • Aseptic Technology
  • Equipment
  • GMP Programs
  • HACCP Programs
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluations
  • Irradiation Technology
  • Microwave Technology
  • Process Development
  • Quality Assurance/Control
  • Sanitation/Pest Control